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Check back soon.

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  1. Mike

    Thank you for visiting. Check back soon, I should have more material up in the next week. Thanks again!
    -Mike Earl

    • Stan Levin

      Hello Michael,

      It has been some 7 or 8 years since we met at a fast rest. I think on Montgomery Road.

      Somehow I happens to see one of your CDs being put in the trash so I immediately took it to my computer to hear it but I wouldn’t play.

      I then went to your website to see if I could get it as an MP3. There I saw lots of files to download but I remember knowing I must have heard them in the past.

      So, my question is – the last date I could see on your site is 2013. Do you have more to upload or will you upload anything new in the future?

      Thanks for your reply.


      Stan Levin

  2. Thanks for everything! I hope you realize how much good you do for the world. I would like to see the rest of the Ingersoll works and Paine’s Age of Reason available as well, if possible.

  3. Hey, Mike,
    I checked out Reasonworks to see if I could order some CD’s. I have all the cassettes, but pretty much no cars play them anymore. My fella and I are taking a car trip to N.J. and back this summer and I thought it would be great to introduce him to the wit and wisdom of Michael Earl en route. So I was prepared to get several of my favorite CD’s, but it doesn’t look like you’re selling any of them. I’d like to send you an invite to a party I’m having. May I have your email address?

  4. carla fabbri

    hi mike ,
    thanks for the material you provide ;
    Is there any way to download to an mp3 portable device , or to a podcast reader ?
    Keep going 🙂 !
    carla .

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