Audio Titles

Titles by Michael Scott Earl

Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You

The Spiritual Atheist

A Case Against Miracles & Freewill

The Fundamentalist’s Fatal Flaw

The God Game

The Ultimate Terrorist

The Platinum Rule


Titles by Robert G. Ingersoll

About The Holy Bible

The Gods

Heretics and Heresies

1870 Tribute to Thomas Paine



tom paine
Titles by Thomas Paine

The Age of Reason




  1. AdrianC

    Thanks for making these talks available. Very interesting to a ‘recovering Christian’ like myself.
    I am confused by the no free-will argument. You say:
    “Free will does not exist. Freewill is an illusion. Granted, it is a very convincing illusion, but it is an illusion”.

    Later in the same talk:
    “Spiritual liberation is about understanding that your mind is free to think whatever you want, to believe whatever you want”.

    Freewill does not exist, but the mind is free to think? Seems like a contradiction?


  2. Bob McArthur

    Listening to Bible stories and it is great. I will have to listen a second time with a note book to write down the references. Friends have doubted my sanity when I have said that the best thing a christian could do is have lots of babies and kill them right away to assure their entry to heaven. It is great to find a kindred spirit who has obviously thought about this all a lot more than myself. Thank you so much. Bob

  3. Mike, you’re awesome. Please don’t ever stop. You’re a more effective writer than any one out there. You should also put up a blog and make frequent short posts. You should also publish your writings in book form and get it out there.

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