Thinking Allowed – by Mike Earl

Thinking Allowed is a set of six audio presentations I made a few years ago. These presentations were originally intended to be a regular podcast, but over time I became distracted with other concerns and the project never really took off. Be that as it may, there are some ideas here you might find interesting. So here they are.

Thinking Allowed #1

Thinking Allowed #2

Thinking Allowed #3

Thinking Allowed #4

Thinking Allowed #5

Thinking Allowed #6




  1. Michael G Albrecht

    Michael – Thank you for bringing RG Ingersoll and Thomas Paine into the modern discourse.

    I have worn out a set of your cassettes. Are they still available in either cassette or CD?

    Thank you.

    Mike Albrecht
    Austin, Texas

  2. Chas. Baker

    Hey Mike, Just wanted to say thank you for for everything you have done – why aren’t you on FACEBOOK?! You are truly an unsung hero of the rational movement! Get in touch brother!! Peace, CB, Austin, TX – Keep It Weird!!

    • Bud Grieves


      Just finished your book ” Bible Stories” and found it amazing. Please tell me more about yourself and any additional work you are undertaking.

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