Michael Scott Earl

Audio Titles by Michael Scott Earl

Bible Stories Your Parents Never Taught You

The Spiritual Atheist

A Case Against Miracles & Freewill

The Fundamentalist’s Fatal Flaw

The God Game

The Ultimate Terrorist

The Platinum Rule

Thinking Allowed



  1. steve

    Hi Michael, really like you audio files.
    I can’t seem to be able to download to my hard drive or iTunes to
    burn CDs.
    Is OK to burn your audio files to CDs?
    Really would like for some of my family and friends to hear them.
    I know they won’t go to your site and listen. They will listen to a CD in their cars.
    So if you have time could you email be steps as how to? slmcgoo105@aol.com
    Thanks Steve

  2. Graham ASH-PORTER

    Steve, Right click mp3 file, then save target as. Save to music folder (create new one within music folder). Record to disc as mp3 if you have mp3 player. If not then convert to normal audio CD with real player or Nero. Good luck.

  3. Joe Dorfman

    These presentation are excellent. I find them quite addictive and your presentation style is so professional. Will be an avid follower from now on.

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  6. Hi Mike,

    I just ran accross the “Bible Stories” book you gave me long ago.

    I’d like to stay in touch with you so I’d like to have your email address again.

    You’re a good speaker and I might want you to do some webinars for us.

    I like to see you again sometime.

    What is it that you currently do now?

    Here are my numbers:

    Stan Levin
    407-788-3666 (Direct)
    407-442-2487 (Office)

    • Hi Michael.

      It has been over 5 years since my email above.

      I’m 80 now and I just started to listening again to your recordings in my MP3 Player as I walk at night. They are GREAT fun and so VERY logical.

      What are you doing now? Do you still live in the Orlando area?
      Do you know if Jack Maurice is still having “non-believers” meeting in Winter Park?

      Have you created any new audio files I could hear?

      I would really like to hear from you.

      Please reply.


      Stan Levin

  7. Mr. Earl,

    I found your site referenced in Michael Dowd’s book: Thank God for Evolution, How the Marriage of Science and Religion Will Transform Our Life and Our World.
    On page 301 he references your work where you ask the same question we have asked ourselves: “Why would God direct Joshua to attack Jericho and direct him to slaughter every man, women, child and even the animals, and then proceed to 30 other city states and slaughter all the people?” We have written a book that proposes an answer to that question (see below).

    I don’t want to be picky here, but let me point out that it was NOT God in the Joshua story that told him to attach Jericho. Through out the story in the Book of Joshua it is the LORD who is directing the action. When I note this difference, the reaction I frequently get is: “Huh, is there any difference?” Growing up as a Christian and hearing and reading the Bible it just made sense that the terms God, Lord, and LORD in the Old Testament were interchangeable terms. However as I was writing our book, it suddenly dawned on me that these three terms seems to be used differently. So with some research, we attempt to explain the difference in the book (chapter 6). And we see the reason for and how this plays out in the Joshua chapter (chapter 18).

    Our book is:
    How Did God Do It? A Symphony of Science and Scripture.
    Details are available at our website: http://www.HowDidGodDoIt.com

    We will offer to send you a complimentary copy if you would like one.

    Here is a quick overview:

    The book is about God and the Bible. Growing up as a child, I was exposed to the conventional wisdom about the Bible implying that God has a magic wand and He just waves it around and all the wonderful stories in the Bible from the creation, to the parting of waters, through the healing stories, just magically happen. Of course, this is just fine with many people—but generally not for techno-geeks such as I. I like scientific and technical answers.

    So what if God chose to accomplish those Bible events another way, without a magic wand? As a lover of science, I always felt that, at the moment of creation, God would not only create the Universe and our planet Earth; but He would create all the laws of chemistry and physics. These scientific laws are the “glue” that hold it all together. They work all the time, predictable and empirically verifiable. And because God is infinitely wise, He could choose to not violate these wonderful scientific laws He created, because doing so could introduce chaos to the Universe and especially to our planet Earth.

    So if God doesn’t violate these laws of physics, could there be a technical explanation (for all the wonderful and some not so wonderful Bible stories) that doesn’t violate these laws and doesn’t conflict with the basic tenets of Judaism and Christianity?

    Again, if you would like a complimentary copy of our book, we would be pleased to send you one. If so, please supply a mailing address.


    Walt (and Rose) Huber

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